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About Us

We are born from 3 generations of Akha coffee farmers in the mountainous region of Doi Chang, Chiang Rai, Thailand. Decades of experience enables us to understand and satisfy all your coffee needs.

The unique flavour of Doi Chang grown coffee is in its’ distinct aroma with fruity and chocolatey notes, full body and long finish.

OUR VISION is to promote sustainable coffee farming and to showcase our World Class Single Origin Coffees from Thailand.

Geographical Indication (GI) / Single Origin (SO)

Doi Chang is in Chiang Rai province, Thailand.

It has the topography, climate, soil and water source ideal for growing high quality Arabica coffee.

Doi Chang region is GI registered.

(geographical indication in Thailand and Europe)

Providing assurance that all processes and growing of coffee is single source and unique to the area.

ME THAI also showcases coffee from fellow farmers throughout Thailand that apply their own unique coffee growing processes and ideal brewing methods.

Production Capacity

ME THAI has about 150 Acres of coffee plantations and works closely with 20 other coffee growing families with an additional 280 Acres of coffee plantations.

In total, Doi Chang region has a coffee production capacity of about 100 Tons per year and has been continuously expanding cooperation with other coffee farming areas in Chiang Rai such as Doi Lan, Doi Pha Mi and Doi Phahi.



Have you read about our history? Did you know that before growing Arabica Coffee, Opium (amongst other drugs) were cultivated?

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Our Vision

is to promote sustainable coffee farming and to showcase our World Class Single Origin Coffee.

Our History

a brief history on why we began cultivating Arabica coffee instead of Opium in 1969 by the grace of H.M. King Bhumibhol Adulyadej Rama IX.

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About Us

Once you've read our History, Come learn a little more about our GeographyCoffee and Production.

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